You captioned an Instagram photo with the word 'Fag' how fucking disrespectful, even after the last time I told you not to use the N word, you still do. And now you're just getting more and more ignorant. You're 16 not 6, fucking grow up. Stop using those words. And I would've thought being on tumblr would have taught you a little more about social awareness.

ok leave me alone wtf he’s my best friend I call him what I want if u don’t like it fucking unfollow me??????????

Louis in a rovers programme +


I wish I had google as a brain


ok but consider this

  • who cares


there are mean parents and then there are parents who switch off the wifi at night 


[anxiously hopes u consider me a friend]


"You hit like a girl," the strong female character says

"Stop being such a girl," the strong female character says

"Man up," the strong female character says

"Shut the fuck up," I whisper